Math Activities

  Matching coins and bills!   Bank It!   Which quantity is greater?   Do you have Enough Money? Shoot

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Think about which number.   Estimation:     Thermometer Measuring Units Funbrain Measurement Games Shapes Fractions Fraction Quiz   Find the Pairs…

Math Exercises for k-2

Kindergarten Base Ten Bingo Base Ten Fun Subtraction Level 1 First Grade More, Less or equal Skip Counting Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, Counting Money : Pennies, Nickles and Dimes Money Bingo Counting…

Math Links for Early Elementary

Subtraction:   Patterns: Pattern Matching Completing Patterns Counting Interpreting Data Tally Charts and Bar Math Transport Survey Favorite Colors Graphing  Time Review Telling time to the half hour. Time…

Keep your G Drive Clean!

This week, middle school students and myself  got our  Google Drive organized.  This will be a busy year!